Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting Happy With The Gnome - The Happy Gnome Review


Hope everyone is having a great January. If you are here in the Twin Cities you are probably going crazy wondering when this cold will just go away. If you aren't just sitting at home until May, check this place out.

My wife and I got invited to one our friends birthday gatherings and to be honest, hesitated. Why you ask? It was taking place in St. Paul. We go to St. Paul about twice a year. Once for St. Patricks day and the other for a random concert at Station 4. Other than that, it might as well be on the other side of the planet.

But, since she is a good friend, we decided to fill up the car; pack a lunch and head out on the journey.

When pulling up to the place, it is very unassuming. Blink and you might miss it. It's in a more suburban area than I would have expected. It's next to a few brownstones and other small gathering spots.

I've never been to Europe but I feel like this is the setting I would find their pubs in.

When walking in, you can tell it's a well known and very busy joint. Besides a few stools at the bar, all seating was occupied.

We took said stools and figured we would wait until the others decided to show. While seated, we were greeted by a very welcoming bartender. Very good knowledge of the beers on tap as well as the food items on the expansive menu.

I went with the Shiner Cheer and the Meatloaf Sandwich....amazing.

The beer was cold and delicious while the sandwich was warm and filling. In fact, the beer was so good I actually shed a tear knowing that I had to drive and couldn't partake in more.

After seeing the long list of taps being offered, I flat out wept. It was embarrassing.

After clearing away the tears it was clear that this place was amazing.

So, if you are up for a road trip, head out there. Don't even think twice about it. Only downside was that I didn't see the Travelocity Gnome throwing them back at the bar. If I had, I don't think I'd ever go to another bar again.

Bottoms Up!

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